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I'm in Hultsfred, Sweden.

It's the first day where I actually have a minute to sit down and write. I'm in a wonderful space, the sun is breaking through the window, like an innocent prisoner. I AM IN SWEDEN!

Tonight is our 3rd show out of 27. It's been insane, tiring, scary, gratifying, nerve wracking.. well the list goes on and on. But, I am on tour with one of the greatest bands I have ever seen live. Cordovas are absolutely undeniable. They sound like Little Feat and The Band but are their own genre. Their musicianship is world class and their showmanship is topnotch. Every single note and second is planned out, pre meditated and they execute it perfectly.

Cordovas are a clan, a pack, they all live together, they eat together, they drive together, they breathe music together, they are a band, and thats that, no one else really gets in. It hasn't been the easiest gelling with them for this reason, but that's ok. Perhaps thats what comes with the territory of striving to be the greatest band, complete dedication, focus and drive. They are a pack, and I'm a lone wolf so far. Luckily for me, thats what I do best.

I have my own rental car, so I woke up this morning around 6am and started my 5 hour drive today from Nortalje to Hultfred. We spent the last 3 nights all together bunking at the Rootsy house and headquarters... it feels really good to be breaking out today and to have this hotel room and space, finally almost back to normal from the jet leg and getting my bearings of this foreign land over seas.

.....ok... hold up.....  above is from yesterday and I didnt get to post it because I had to run to an early soundcheck!

SO, i'm back, last night's show was incredible and turned out to be a late night party and jam in the hotel room's into the wee hours.

I'm in Falkenberg tonight, its stunning here, and we just had an amazing home cooked meal. It's shapig up to be a real nice night, I will report back with the details soon. Off to write a set list, my apologies for my scattered note... sending love from Sweden.

Here's a little dash of inspiration... Long Distance Love...


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