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First Time In Denmark!

Yesterday marked the half way point of this five week journey throughout Europe. 2 countries down and 4 more to go. Last night was my very first time ever playing in Denmark. We played at a beautiful old club in Vejle called Bygningen. It was a candlelight cabaret setting and the vibes were strong. 

I met some new people, made some new fans and drank a couple delicious local beers. Besides the show, we had an outstanding dinner, it was one serious gourmet home cooked meal. Roast beef, chicken, scallop potatoes, cabbage salad, the list goes on... wow, it did the trick! And our promoter Bjarne said that tonight's meal is going to be even more tasty, so sounds like I'm in for another treat.

Our second show in Denmark is tonight at Tobakken in Esbjerg. The city is sunny, and very old. Its a sea town, everybody rides their bicycle's here and there are wild tulips growing everywhere, they are yellow and remind me of spring. I'm missing home today, but am happy where I am. I walked around the square and grabbed a coffee this afternoon. Sometimes it feels like I'm in a movie or a whole new world of some sort, strolling around in my sunglasses taking in the fresh air of a brand new land. 

We have 4 shows in Denmark and the travel days are easy, meaning I am going to be able to get lots of rest and some downtime to fuel up for Spain! I'm really excited to play tonight, there is a new feel here and I've got a couple new songs to work into my set. Thinking of everybody back home and how small and round this wonderful world is... and at the same time what a big place, I dream to see it all. Headed to soundcheck now. Sending love from Denmark.


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