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Hello 2020...!

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm pleased to be here writing again, with a great deal to look forward to and a bundle of things to be grateful for.

To start, I'm in Banff for the weekend, it tends to be the spot where I can slow down and have some time to reflect and recharge, very important. There are many things to talk about... where do I begin...

This past year felt massive... jam packed with music, growth, love, new beginnings, hello's and farewells and many many songs were sung. I've gotta say it was the strongest year I've had in all my 20's thus far. This is due to the people around me who lift me up, nourish my spirit, give me strength and encouragement and support who I am. Thank you so very much.

2019 brought a lot of wonderful joys in my life personally but also in my career. I played over 175 shows, including my first American tour, a six and a half week European tour, and had the opportunity to perform at some incredible festivals over the summer months. I had an album released called "Rootsy House Session's" that was recorded in Norrtalje, Sweden. I also recorded a brand new full length album in Edmonton this past summer. "Drifters" expected to be released in March 2020. On top of all of that I became an uncle to my first nephew Thomas Wayne, a true country boy's name. I moved around a few times...from one bachelor suite to my caravan, then to another bachelor suite then back into my caravan and now I am house sitting an apartment in downtown Edmonton. That is, until my next big move, which will be... you named it... back into the caravan. The only difference is this time I will be packing the van with whatever I can fit in it and headed out east for Toronto/Nashville.

2020 has opened up, and I must let it bloom like a flower. I've been sitting at a crossroads for a little while and I've decided to make a change. It's a time of transition, a time filled with many unknowns. All I know is that the only direction I can go is forward, and that means moving, growing, expanding and trying out some new markets that I've secretly been telling myself to go and explore for many years. Im scared as hell, and sad to leave some things behind for a while. But I know it's my only option, and I've got to take the leap for my soul, and my career. Thankfully there is some structure and a bit of a road map to kick off this new year before all of this happens.

I've got a big European tour coming up this February. It will be my first time co-headlining overseas alongside US band Dylan Earl. I'm thrilled to be returning to Sweden, Norway and Denmark with some new music to share, and some new albums to sell!

Firstly, "Rootsy House Sessions" will be available for the first time on 7' Inch Vinyl.

ANNDD what I'm most excited about is that my new album "Drifters" is going to be released in Europe right in time for this tour. CD's and Vinyl are being printed at the manufacturer's right now as we speak! Please keep your eyes peeled for this and make sure to grab yourself a copy, or send me a message and I will mail you one! "Drifters" will be coming out a bit later in North America. Aiming for late March 2020. This release will coincide perfectly with my first festival of the Spring which has just been announced.

On May 1st I will fly to Ireland to perform at the renowned Roots and Americana Festival, Kilkenny Roots! I've heard amazing things about this place from the lovely people I met after performing at Static Roots last summer and I trust it's going to be another life giving experience. I look forward to debuting in a new region of Europe. Ireland this will be my first time performing for you and I intend to give you a big kiss hello! This will be the start of which I hope to be a vibrant and busy summer where I will be hustling between Nashville and Toronto for an undetermined amount of time, looking to play everywhere I can, grow as much as possible as an artist and continue to follow my path. For now, I'm just going to soak in the little moments, take things day by day, and try to be ok with the unknowns ahead.

Every time I am situated in the mountains I can't help but feel a part of something larger. I watched the Wolf Moon climb the other night, until it peaked over the vast world below it, then slowly tucked itself away, behind the great hills. I wondered where the wolves were, were they looking too, howling like it was any other night? Nature's masterpiece, it's enough to fill someone with awe and wonder for a lifetime with just one glance. I will be traveling back out this way in a couple of weeks time, and of course, always looking for the wolf beyond the hills.

Starting with a show in Calgary at the Ironwood on Jan.23rd, that will be my first of 5 stops for a little run up to Rossland, BC and back. I'm geared up for the drives ahead and all the places I will be playing. This includes a couple new stops - one in Fernie for a show at Infinitea Cafe and one in Kimberley for a house concert. Hope to see some of you out on the road or somewhere up the way.

Thats it for now, thanks for reading and let me know if you've got any comments or questions!


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