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Hi from Sweden!

Hi from my hotel room in Sundsvall Sweden!

I just got back from a sunny walk through the downtown cobblestoned streets... grabbed a coffee and galavanted my way through the city square and some second hand stores nearby. I'm always looking for little trinkets and treasures along my travels. Came up with a neat little green shirt for 45Kr which is about 5 bucks Canadian! I'm making a little more room in my suitcase from selling merch each night so figured it would be ok.

This has been an absolutely incredible experience and tour so far... one that I will never forget. What an opportunity, and a life learning and giving practise.

It has been a very challenging tour at times, pushing me to my limits of mental focus and endurance. For example, the drive to Sonderhamn yesterday was 8 hours of single lane mountain highways, with aggressive semi drivers and snow coming down hard and fast. I was white knuckling my way through the madness for most of the day. Finally when I arrived I was greeted with a lovely hug from the promoter Malin... we played a gorgeous old theatre last night, that was sold out! A highlight out of the 9 shows we've done so far.  

I am learning so much. Each day is a new mountain to climb, and by the end of each night it feels like I've conquered the days hill! Though demanding, it has also been the most rewarding journey for me out here, building character as a human and musician. I am working on constructing a solid foundation over seas, something that will hopefully grow naturally over time. My music is being well received, the appreciation for music over here is on another level. I feel so welcomed and people are really listening to my songs, lyrics, and music. It is an absolute gift. The stage is my office and I am so grateful to be working every night. Nothing brings me more joy then sharing those moments between the notes and the gathering of people. We are together.

Tonight in Sundsvall we are actually playing right in the hotel. There is a venue downstairs. It's actually very convenient, as today has been restful and I've caught up on some sleep. Soundcheck is at 3:30pm so I need to be down there pretty soon. Tomorrow we play Umea, then Herrang, then Stockholm on Sunday. After that we have our first day off, and I will drive to Denmark. Two countries down, 4 more to go. I feel rejuvenated. And as my old manager Neil MacGonigill would say "take no prisoners tonight". Im ready!


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