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Lets Stand Together

In the wake of Covid-19 the reality of most working people (not only in my industry) are in dire straights at the moment. I’ve had the next 3 months of work completely fall through the cracks; including a highly anticipated debut in Ireland! Everything is just sinking in.

Kilkenny Roots made the call to suspend this years festivities scheduled from May 1-4 in Ireland. I was beyond excited to be part of this incredible lineup and perform in Ireland for the first time in my life. That being said, I know the board of directors made the right, and difficult decision to close It’s doors for this year. Truly there was no other option. Sadly I’m not the only one being hit by this crisis.

Friends all over the world are panicking, tours being cancelled, gigs being wiped out… work we’ve all planned for months in advance is being stripped away. For the first time I feel like I’ve lost my voice, I’m trying to sing but it’s like nothing can come out. A nightmare I don’t wish upon anyone. We need our voices back, all the more so.For now, what can we do? Artists are in need, more than ever. There is a stirring inside of me, I want to play music for you… I want to work… I need to work. Can I sing you a song? Can I send you a poem? How can we band together?

At the moment I can’t leave Canada and I’m about to be living out of the back of my van again. I’m prepared to help make the music reach you wherever you are. Whether it’s a livestream to your living room or driving across the country and singing for those who need it most, I’m ready and at your service. The universal strength and importance of music will survive.

As a start I will be doing a facebook/Instagram live stream this week Wednesday 3pm MDT. A virtual house concert and I hope you’re able to tune in. I’ll be taking donations, song requests, jokes, whatever your heart desires. We’re all in this together, and we got this, one day a time.

Details about the livestream concert will be posted shortly so stay tuned. Contributions can be made by PayPal to or directly by this link. PayPal.Me/JoeNolanMusic

Thank you… love, light and wellness



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