Make It March


We made it through the coldest February in over 40 years! I am feeling as ready as ever for the birth of spring to join us again this year. Tonight I am getting all amped up in preparation for my send-off show tomorrow night at The Ironwood in Calgary.

I'm dropping in here first, to share a couple of new moments... As promised, this week's video is one I've been eager to share. An older song, not on any album yet, called Looking For Your Heart. I was graciously joined by my sister Nataya Nolan and dear friend Russell Broom, we filmed this in The National Music Centre in Calgary a few months back. Enjoy!

One more thing, I thought this was a neat and accurate account of my album, who I am, and where I am when we put Cry Baby out into the world. Thanks Mike Bell for not bull-shitting. Have a gander here.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, and wholesome weekend. Singing to you from the stage in Calgary tomorrow night, may it reach somewhere beyond the walls.



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