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Memory Lane

'Brain' Brian Harrison, the one and truly only. Brainiac control man of The Rendering Plant

Gary Craig, Colin Linden and I taking a break at The Rendering Plant during the 'Tornado' sessions


Corb Lund, Jeth Weinrich and I having some fun in the hotel after hours, maybe too much fun, and too much money lost playing cards with Corb as he strums my litte blue

Colin and I about to chow down on Brain's famous porkbutt, the best I've ever had!

The mighty mangler, manager Neil MacGonigill

Tom wilson and I sharing a laugh at Colin's home studio after he cut some vocals on 'The Pawnshop

I was digging through some old photos today and came across some unforgettable memories... I was 21 years old here and living in a dream I never imagined would come true here. This is us in Nashville, TN cutting my 2nd album 'Tornado' with Colin Linden at The Rendering Plant owned and operated by the one and only Brain Harrison.

We ended up making the whole album in 3 days, live off the floor to 2inch tape. In fact, Brain's whole house was rigged and wired from floor to ceiling in recording gear and studio equipment, I mean the tape machine was in his bedroom! Brain was one of the most endearing, hilarious and special people I've ever got to meet... he passed away in his home, The Rendering Plant about a year after the making of this album... I still think of him sometimes in the most random occasions, he will just pop into my mind and I will smile and shake my head!

My manager here, Neil, who is famous for never being photographed took us down to make this all happen, we stayed in the hall of fame hotel, as he called it "The hall of shame" on music row. He showed me the coolest of places, took me to shows where I got to meet people like John Prine, and taught me so many lessons of life on the road. I'm forever grateful for him and miss these times.

The more I think about it, the more it makes me want to make albums like this forever and not stray from the live process. There's something to be said about cutting songs live off the floor, when they're so fresh and for some of the players it's their first time hearing it. The first initial instincts that happen, and following your gut, not overthinking every damn thing, just playing what comes out in that moment and that time. Capturing it, like a film photo. 3 takes and then move on to the next song. Print it, put it out, permanent, like pavement.

I'm thinking about you all, tomorrow I head out to BC for a little lake time away from the city...

Love and Rock n roll...



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