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Memphis and The Cobalt Prize

It's been an exciting / crazy couple days!

I'm currently sitting in the Ottawa airport, running on only a couple hours of sleep in the past 24 hours. I'm killing time during this 3 hour layover, people watching and writing to you as I await my flight to Memphis, Tennessee.

I couldn't sleep last night, I don't know why, maybe nerves, maybe my head racing, I even had a couple beers with a friend, still I laid awake with excitement.

Yesterday I got a call from Paul Reddick, letting me know that I won The Cobalt Songwriting Prize at The Maple Blues Awards which was held in Toronto last night! Not only is this a 1000$ prize, but more importantly it is to encourage artists to continue pushing blues boundaries and creating new landscapes with blues music.  My song "All You've Gotta do" was chosen as the winner, which will be on my upcoming album. Paul is the founder of this award, he is a mentor and friend and I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity of playing and hanging with him at various festivals these past few summers. He is the real - deal blues man. I am still in awe,  CBC radio will be premiering the new song today.

Tomorrow I will compete in the International Blues Competition, which happens once a year in Memphis, TN. There are over 240 acts from all over that world that travel to Beale Street to show off there licks, tricks  and moves. This year I am representing Edmonton!

Ok, I actually gotta run... shit... they are calling out my flight... I will write more when I get in tonight.. muahhhh



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