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New Album / CRY BABY Sept 21st!!!!

It's finally here... a new album... a new beginning... right in time for the fall..

Sept 21st I will be releasing "Cry Baby" a 10 song collection of my most honest work to date.

I've kept this under my belt for some time, and it feels amazing to finally be sharing some new music with all of you.

This album was recorded in the dead of winter January 2017 in Edmonton, AB. Engineered by the incredible Scott Franchuk. Scott and I spent countless days and nights afterwards putting on the final touches, mixing, laughing, and making sure it was done right... if there is a right way...

Our final touch on the album was having Tommy Banks write and score a string arrangement for the final last on the album "Ode to Sturgeon County". This song was written at my parents house on my grandmothers 100 year old piano after the first night of recording in the studio. It had to make it to the album as it tied all the songs together. So we decided why not have the one and only Tommy Banks be a part of it, and he graciously accepted our invitation. Tommy came into the studio with his wife Ida, and conducted the whole session, 6 Violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, and 1 french horn. His wife sat in the control room with myself and other aspiring engineers as we watched him work his magic. It still is one of the coolest moments of my life...

Another guest is singer-songwriter Lydia Loveless based out of Ohio who sings on one of the tracks called "Music In The Streets".I met Lydia back in 2014 where her and I toured Scandinavia together for a whole month. Since then she has become one of my favourite writers and inspirations musically, check out her latest album "Real". There was one cold winter night in Regina where I listened to this album 3 times in a row, sitting in my van, being overwhelmed and blown away by its beauty.

It's been 5 years... more... since I have released an album, Tornado, which I recorded in 2013 in Nashville with Colin Linden. It was released under Six Shooter Records January 2014. I have learned so much during this time between albums, in my travels, and in my own backyard. Through this time and these experiences I feel stronger and more clearheaded than ever before in the past. I am so ready and thrilled to embrace what is yet to come. None of this, would have been possible without my family... the support and love they have shown me is undeniable, it is a gift, and it has allowed me the opportunity to make something I'v always dreamed of making.

For now, I'm looking forward to celebrating and sharing this new piece of me with all of you. Please checkout this album release, you can read up more about it here and get advance tickets. Love you.


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