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Happy New Year, beautiful people.

I am so thrilled to launch this new website, and to start writing more and more about all the exciting things on the horizon for 2018!

As I lay in bed, I can feel the -30 below draft seeping through my cracked window. Everything else outside lay still, except the odd car passing by or a siren or some laughter breaking out in the distance. There are countdowns and confetti about to erupt at many a party across the world tonight as the final seconds of 2017 fade out like a song.

This is the first year I have spent New Years Eve alone, reflecting. I'm tired of getting sucked into all this consumerism bullshit, as if there are all these expectations on us youth to get dressed up, drain our bank accounts and have a grand old time, freezing our asses off and vomiting behind the Shaw Conference Centre at the end of the night.  Ha... my mind goes to funny, and dark places sometimes...

It's not the last night on earth, it's just like any other night. Another time for reflection, another blessing, and another opportunity to show up and work harder each new day! I'm welcoming it with open arms and a new hungriness shaking inside of me.

I'll be kicking this year off with a trip to Memphis in a couple of weeks to compete in the International Blues Competition, This is just what I needed. A ticket on a silver wing, a strong dose of rich, authentic blues, and a chance to kiss Elvis, and maybe even eat some of Gus's famous fried chicken while I'm at it (wink). Its going to be a trip!

What I am most elated about, however, is to finally release my new album "Cry Baby" to the world. An album that was made in 2017, making this past year a major growing experience in my life, musically and personally. I will be talking about this lots more in blogs to come. Stay posted okieeee.

So, as the year flips over into a new - dark to light - like the flickering streetlight outside my window, there will always be uncertainty, mystery, and wonder out there... and aint that a beautiful thing.

I am feeling incredibly grateful.

It's going to be a grand year, I can feel it, I hope you can feel it too baby. 

Much Love,



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