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New Year

4 days in and how does it feel?

Do we already feel behind on our new goals and resolutions? Do we fear the unknown? Are we excited with the open sky of opportunity, todays canvas, and tomorrows unwritten pages?

This year is about balance, or... scratch that... this day is about balance. 

If something is too hard, we give up.

If something is too easy, we simply succeed and are unfulfilled with our accomplishment.

I am going to attempt to trespass into the unexplored everyday, while remaining present and grounded wherever I go. I am going to work my hardest everyday, without putting too much pressure on myself. I will do many things that I won't list off, but the key being to each is that I try and find the harmony between and beyond the boundaries.

In music, this year is promising to be a healthy one. If anyone asks , I like to keep my goals and dreams close to me. They are delicate, and sacred and I don't want to scare them away, I have to keep them safe and nurtured. Maybe it's some strange superstition or perhaps I'm just crazy but thats just how I am. That being said, there are some big announcements to talk about in the coming months. 

The first bit of news I will share is that I am heading overseas to Europe this March for a month long tour!! I will be supporting Nashville band Cordovas all throughout Europe including Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Germany and The UK. This tour is being put on by the incredible folks at Rootsy Music. My Swedish friends have decided to bring me back with my new album Cry Baby. It has been 6 years since I was over there, touring with one of my favourite writers Lydia Loveless, drinking falcon beers and having the time of my life at 22 years old and my Tornado album fresh off the press.

I am nervous and overjoyed. There is some sort of euphoric tingling that I get when I think about it. Memories flood in my imagination, and it makes me smile. What a life and what an opportunity! I've listed the dates below.

Another one of my goals is to find time to write... more blogs, more songs, more poetry, more music. One of the many blessings, language and time.

It's time for me to go to bed, Friday night and here I am... writing. Love it, love you.

Happy New Year Everyone!

MAR 12 - Klubb Uffe - Katalin - Uppsala, Sweden

MAR 13 - Kafe Smedjan - Norrtälje, Sweden

MAR 14 - Hotell Hulingen - Hultsfred, Sweden

MAR 15 - Grand Hotel Falkenberg - Skogstorp-västra Gärdet-arvidstorp, Sweden

MAR 16 - Folk å Rock -Gamla Staden, Sweden

MAR 17 - Bull Inn - Bö, Norway

MAR 18 - Revolver - Oslo, Norway

MAR 19 - Bar Moskus - Trondheim, Norway

MAR 20 - H E I M - Staden, Sweden

MAR 21 - - Sundsvall, Sweden

MAR 22 - Droskan - Centrala Stan, Sweden

MAR 23 - Folketshus Herräng - Herräng, Sweden

MAR 24 - Nalen Klubb - Stockholm, Sweden

MAR 26 - Oceanen - Göteborg, Sweden

MAR 27 - Bygningen - Vejle, Denmark

MAR 28 - Tobakken - Esbjerg, Denmark

MAR 29 - Sönderborghus - Sønderborg, Denmark

MAR 30 - Pavillonen - Grenå, Denmark

APR 2 - El almacén de Little Bobby - Santander, Spain

APR 3 - Rock & Blues Cafe - Zaragoza, Spain

APR 4 - Kafé Antzokia - Kutxa Beltza - Bilbao, Spain

APR 5 - Boite Live - Madrid, Spain

APR 6 - Sala Rocksound - Barcelona, Spain

APR 9 - Roadrunner's Paradise - Berlin, Germany

APR 10 - Music Star - Norderstedt, Germany

APR 11 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands

APR 12 - Boerderij - Zoetermeer, Netherlands

APR 13 - Der Aa-Theater - Groningen, Netherlands


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