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New York

Hello from Rochester, NY!

I'm in a little coffeeshop, and finally have a few minutes to sit down and write about this crazy tour I've been on. It's difficult to find wifi when you're living out of the van like me!

I've been driving like a madman, and have covered so much ground. From Winnipeg to Minnesota, Nashville to Chicago, and now I find myself in New York state and am playing the big city tomorrow night for the first time in my life. But first, tonight I play a solo singer-songwriter show at The Abilene in Rochester, a club I've heard very good things about.

There are only 5 shows left before I do the long 40 hour drive homewards from Philadelphia to Edmonton on the 21st. Tonight I get to do two sets, a full show and I'm looking forward to it. My plan is to go to the memorial park here in Rochester and play some guitar, try to finish some songs that have been brewing since being on the road. It's been quite a whirlwind so far and such a blast joining The Long Ryders, we've done 4 shows together so far and each one gets more groovy.

These guys are absolute legends, back in the day they opened for U2 and have garnered the respect of many incredible musicians such as Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) just to name one. Known for being the creators of Americana. It's been inspiring watching them each night, just friends having fun playing music together, they have been writing and playing with each other on and off for over 40 years, incredible! They are very funny, kind and entertaining and they've invited me to join them for a song on our final show together in Washington DC this Saturday night, I guess i'll have to pick a cool to tune for that, super exciting!

From playing a really great festival in St. Peter, MN to showcasing at the Americana Fest in Nashville, I've got to say the highlight so far has been Chicago, the venue SPACE is my dream club to play. It was sold out, theatre style seating and the room sounded killer. I'm enjoying each day, the drives, and being in new places everyday. My van, Rocco, has been an absolute champ, and as I mentioned earlier I've been sleeping in the back every night on a makeshift bed I built for trips like this. I'm most nervous for tomorrow in New York city and the parking situation but it will all work out.

When I get home I will write a more in depth blog about all these adventures. For now I'm going to head to the park to strum some chords. Grateful to be out here each day, what a ride!

talk soon...


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