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One Step Closer

Here's a brand new performance of a song I recently wrote. A song about a deeper kind of love and traveling along that faithful path. See lyrics below. Happy week!

"You were holding a candle, watching it burn.

I was watching you, waiting my turn.

To shine a light in the darkness, and watch it illuminate. 

Then take one step closer to it everyday.

Its hard to believe, when no one else will.

Chasing a dream, you have to fulfill. 

Standing at the crossroads, you said baby it aint no race.

Just walk one step closer to it everyday.

It's a long road we must pave, so be daring, be brave...

Step out from the shadows, show them your face.

You were born with resilience, beauty and grace.

I see you in the moonlight, your love takes my place.

I'll walk one step closer to it everyday.

My saviour above, watch over us now.

My time has come for reaching out.

With arms wide open and a sweeter embrace.

I'll walk one step closer to you everyday.

Just one step closer to you everyday

Just take one step closer..."


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