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Salmon Arm

Someone must have broke the sky’s heart this morning, as it’s been coming down hard. The sound of rain hitting my roof as I wake up feels soothing and refreshing. Like little silver bullets, blue rain.


Yes, I have slept in my van the past couple of nights, I love the freedom and independence, going where I want to go, the sound of the trains rolling by after midnight, the peaceful graveyards, and the calmness of the pitch black naked waters.

Last night I played Barley Station in Salmon Arm, a huge thank you to Kathy for hosting me and putting on this beautiful show, and creating the vibe. It was an energetic audience and I met some really neat folks, one being old man Frank. Frank reminisced about his old days as a hired gun drummer. Where he got a few strokes of good luck and got to tour with the likes of Glen Campbell and once was a hair away from getting to drum with The King, Elvis. He told me how happy he was with the way his life had unfolded for him, and finished with telling me to never be afraid of approaching another artist, because you never know what may come out of it. I thought that was pretty cool.. There are these little gems everywhere, in every room, I’m grateful to have a couple more in my pocket as I roll along up the road.

Salmon arm is a vibrant place, it has its charm, yesterday I watched a lady up on a ladder changing the signs at an old movie theatre for their upcoming featured films. I’ve always loved theatres for some reason, they make you feel like you’re in the movie, for a moment or a memory. I also love weeping willow trees, this town is covered in them. Everything here is lush and green, growing, colors flying and bouncing around everywhere. I hope to get back here in the summer, perhaps next summer to return to the Roots And Blues Festival which I played 4 years ago alongside many of the greats including one of my favourite songwriters Josh Ritter. It was so uplifting to see a couple fans come out to the show that heard me back then, when I was 22 years old driving around in my toyota echo without a back windshield and had just released my Nashville made album,Tornado. So much has changed since then!

Today I drive to Rossland, its a solid hike, about 5 or 6 hours. I am looking forward to my show there tomorrow night. It’s going to be a songwriter in the round gig with a girl from Toronto named Megan Bonnell and a guy from Nelson named Brian Kalbfleisch. 

I am feeling the love, happy Wednesday out there to you all.



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