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Special Offer!!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to give a quick update on all things music and wish you all a happy and healthy Easter through these crazy and confusing times. We're all in it together! As you may know, I've just launched a Patron Page where I'm offering exclusive access to so many cool and exciting things. Including never seen before shows, songs, poems, footage from the road and so much more!! This is a fun way of staying connected, and in return some valuable musings for you patrons along the way. I'm offering a 7 day special sign up gift. You will receive a signed CD or personalized handwritten postcard in the mail if you sign up before April 18th! Here's where you can have a look at all the tiers: Thanks so much for staying tuned in, and for all of the support. Stay safe and be well! Love and light from my quarantined paradise to yours,



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