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Spring Tour


I’ll be coming on here every few days to keep everyone updated on whats shaking..!

My spring tour has officially started, kicked it off with a bang Thursday night where I got to play alongside Jim Cuddy at the grand Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton. Side note, this is the hotel where Leonard Cohen penned his gorgeous ballad “Sisters Of Mercy”.

It is now Saturday afternoon, I am currently sitting on my fancy queen size bed at the Fairmont Hotel in Banff. This may be the most luxurious of rooms I encounter on this tour.

My sleeping quarters shall be interesting once I head into British Columbia territory, well at least for a few nights..!

I am overjoyed to be back on the road with my new blue parlour guitar, rock’n and roll’n my way through the mountain scenery, stage lights, strangers and sunshine.

Here in Banff I feel refreshed and revitalized, I am just playing some background music tonight, it should be relaxing. Tomorrow night is my first official show which starts in Calgary. The show is at one of my favorite venues The Ironwood where I am sharing the bill with songwriter Emma Cook.

I am about to start serenading or scaring the crowd here at Rundle Lounge in Banff, haha we will see how they react. Much more words, thoughts coming soon.

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