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Touring Europe!

So excited to return to Europe this March / April!! Thanks so much to my European label Rootsy who have taken a liking to my new album Cry Baby.  Hakan and Bjorn and the whole Rootsy family are an incredible group of people who work very hard in this wicked industry and believe in it for the right reasons, THE MUSIC!

They first brought me over with Goodbye Cinderella 2011. A tour with Chet O'Keefe and Johan Orjansson. Then in 2013 I returned with Tornado, this is where I met and opened for Lydia Loveless and her band - it was one of the greatest months of my life to date!

This time around I will be touring my latest offering Cry Baby and supporting Nashville based band Cordova's. They just got off of an extensive North American tour opening up for Elle King! They're new album Sante Fe Channel is phenomenal - They sound like The fucking Band - Check out the video below.  Looking like a pretty groovy group of fellas to hang out with!

12/3 Klubb Uffe, Uppsala, Sweden 13/3 Kafé Smedjan, Norrtälje, Sweden  14/3 Hotel Hulingen, Hultsfred, Sweden 15/3 Tryckhallen, Falkenberg, Sweden 16/3 Folk å Rock, Malmö, Sweden 17/3 Bull Inn, Bø, Norway 18/3 Revolver, Oslo, Norway 19/3 Moskus, Trondheim, Norway 21/3 Q Bar, Sundsvall, Sweden  22/3 Droskan, Umeå , Sweden 23/3 Folkets hus, Herräng, Sweden 24/3 Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden 26/3 Oceanen, Göteborg, Sweden 27/3 Bygningen, Vejle, Denmark 28/3 Tobakken, Esbjerg, Denmark 29/3 Sönderborghus, Sönderborg, Denmark 30/3 Pavillonen, Grenå, Denmark 2/4 El almacén de Little Bobby, Santander, Spain 3/4 Rock & Blues Café, Zaragoza, Spain  4/4 Kafé Antzokia - Kutza Beltza, Bilbao, Spain  5/4 Boite Live, Madrid, Spain 6/4 Rocksound, Barcelona, Spain 9/4 Roadrunner Club, Berlin, Germany 10/4 Music Star, Nordenstedt, Germany 11/4 Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands 12/4 Boerdeij, Zoetermeer, Nethlerlands 13/4 Der Aa - Theater, Groningen, Netherlands  14/4 Down To The River Festival, Venlo, Netherlands


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