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Turn The Tide

It's Wednesday evening, I am writing to you from the Rootsy headquarters in Norrtalje, Sweden.

I am supposed to be in Spain right now performing in Madrid, however due to some unforeseen circumstances I turned around during our last show in Denmark and headed to my labels house in Sweden where I have been cooped up for the past couple of days. Without elaborating too much on this subject I will let you know that I was requested by the Cordova's to stop touring with them as their support act. If you'd like to know more information about this I'd be happy to discuss it privately. I'd also like to say that everything is ok, in fact it's better than ok, it's amazing!

This turn of events has blossomed into a beautiful new flower, and I can say with confidence that there is a strong sense of family and community here within the Rootsy family. Bjorn, John, and Hakan of the Rootsy team are angels and I'm lucky to be in their solid company. During this time we've used the past couple days to record some new songs... this is very exciting... and perhaps there is a new EP on its way, but i'm keeping that all "hush hush" for now!

Tomorrow I head out for a stint of 5 shows opening for a new band (also on tour through Rootsy) called The Brother Brothers (shows listed below). After that I fly to Germany and finish off the last few gigs in Berlin and Holland with Cordovas. Yes, I know this is confusing after reading what I wrote above, but it's not their decision, and I assure you it's all been arranged for the best. 

I am happy, I am learning, and I am thrilled to get back out on the road again and see some more of Scandinavia and bring some new songs to the stage. What a tour, and what a life!

More soon... Thanks for reading.


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