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Upcoming shows and more

Greetings everyone, and a happy mid - september ramble to you.

I've got a few things to report. First being some shows that are happening in the next couple of weeks around Alberta. Shows? What?! Shows?

I'll be at Branch 55 in Sedgwick AB on Sept 18th and 25th. Looking forward to these dates, this will also be my first time being in this small rural Alberta town. In Edmonton I've got a great event happening at The Edmonton Ski Club on Sept. 26th at 4pm. This show is open to the public and is $10/person. I'm hoping to see some of the folk festers and other concert goers come out to this one!

Secondly, I've been busy writing, recording and building up my patron page. Gearing up for the winter, getting ready for what may be a long season, and just trying to stay ahead of the game in as many ways as possible. I'd like to acknowledge all the new patrons who have signed up over the past couple weeks, this has been such great and uplifting news. Thank you Jude, Regine, Jessica, Erwin, Joakim, Michelle, Pat and Marilyn - this is remarkable and I'm excited to stay in touch! If you're reading this and want to learn more about Patreon then I urge you to check out my page, maybe there's a tier for you too!

Time sure does fly, amidst a pandemic or not. Things continue to move. I'm so excited to get to work on some new projects. I bought a 1920's Remington typewriter in Saskatoon a few weeks ago and I've go it all inked up and ready to use. There's something so much more satisfying about writing this way rather than using a word folder on my macbook. The sound, and the rhythm suit the process in a deeper and more connected state. Its mechanical, physical and fluent, similar to putting on a vinyl as opposed to bluetoothing some spotify playlist. Anyhow, on that note I have started writing a book of poems and prose, and somewhere up the road I intend to have these printed to sell as merch. So stay tuned!

Thanks for being here. I'll leave you with a nice little review of 'DRIFTERS' that Penguin Eggs Magazine was so kind enough to include in their latest issue. Talk soon.

"Melancholy and wander-lust feature throughout his bare-bones record. Nolan's fourth full-length CD and first with Edmonton's Fallen Tree Records.

Drifters features new material written while touring but also mines some songs from his teens that still somehow sound like a grizzled, world-weary veteran.

Acoustic and rootsy, quiet and understated, this collection of songs is worthy of the same songwriting accolades garnered from previous projects, and puts Nolan firmly in the company of songwriters such as Hawksley Workman or Donovan Woods, or even a stripped-down Springsteen.

These are songs that recall the smoky '70s, that brush up against Canadiana prog-rock, that sound like classics of old time finger pickers and songs that resonate with anyone who has ever felt adrift in her or his life.

There are lyrical treasures to be found here. The lonely harmonica on River heralds a personal tale of tragedy in the wake of a celebration of love. This is Joe Nolan laid bare and it may be his finest yet."

- By Tanya Corbin


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